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Our name ‘Out of the Box’ is a mission statement on its own. We encourage children to think and learn ‘out of the box’. We inspire them to have an opinion and to problem solve in all areas of education. Out of the Box Academy is a passion-built school that focuses on the entire wellbeing of the child. We believe in focusing on confidence building, self-belief, and worth.


We allow them the freedom to explore their natural surroundings, to equip them with solid foundations, to face the challenges of today. We adapt our teaching ways to suit every child’s learning style, be it auditory, visual or kinesthetic. We inspire learning by ‘doing’, rather than by sitting at desks for hours on end. We believe that theme based learning provides passion, enthusiasm, and meaning to their learning journey.


Our motto is ‘Stand tall and Proud’, which is what we feel is of utmost importance whilst your children engage in the wonderful world of learning.

Why OTB Started?

My Story

My dream to be a teacher started at the age of 7 and for every Christmas and birthday, my lists would comprise of stationary, books, a blackboard and a desk. My dolls and teddies were the students, great fun was had by all!


My personal learning journey, through school, however, was not a happy one. I was very shy and I found most of my school work challenging. I was labelled from a very young age as stupid and dumb. I remember being humiliated and teased not just from my peers but sadly from teachers too.


I was diagnosed with a form of Dyslexia at a young age, however, sadly with big classes and the lack of knowledge, there was never enough time nor inclination, for the teachers to spend that extra time with me that I so desperately needed.


However, this is what gave me my passion and drive to make a difference.


I wanted to make sure that children were given the time that they deserved, to instil confidence within themselves and to make them believe that they are unique and talented in their own special way.


Every child has a talent, you just have to find it!


I started teaching and helping in a creche at the age of 14 in the afternoons, after school. That was my happy place!


I was given my first teaching post at the tender age of 19 and I have never looked back. I have been teaching ever since, studying whilst teaching and soaking up everything that I could find, on how to help children succeed.


Special needs have always played an important part in my teaching career. I have had the privilege of teaching children who suffer with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Behavioural challenges to name a few. The rewards and satisfaction in witnessing achievement in these amazing children, is genuinely priceless!


My teaching career has been phenomenal where I have taught at several schools, mainly in Johannesburg and then I was fortunate enough to teach in the UK for five years.


My dream was to always have my own school and in January 2016 it became a reality.


It was originally going to be a Pre-School up to Grade R. I started with 5 children in January 2016 and we currently have 40 children. Due to demand and requests, I took on the incredible challenge and journey of offering the higher grades into Primary School. We now offer all Grades from 00 through to Grade 7.


I believe in learning by ‘doing’, by being given the freedom to problem solve, to encourage opinion and to learn through play and experimentation.


At OTB we encourage and uplift the children’s souls into believing that they can succeed and achieve whatever they set their hearts and minds on.


OTB allows the children to learn at their own pace, making sure that the teaching reaches every child’s learning style. We promote a very hands on approach to learning, where art and creativity play an important role, along with story and drama.


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would be where we are today, but it just shows you that dreams really do come true when you believe in something so passionately.


Shannon Byers

Our Philosophy

Out of the Box has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I am delighted that you and your child will be with me as my dream and passion become a reality.


My vision is to create a holistic and peaceful environment where children are encouraged to learn through exploration, story and play.


Where children are inspired to understand and get to know themselves and where they feel confident and worthy of whom they are and transfer that into all areas of learning.


Every child is entitled to their own unique learning style and pace and I will dedicate my time to make sure that their specific needs and requirements are met in order to develop a love for learning.


Out of the Box encourages children to ask questions, learn by “doing” and engage in problem-solving situations. They will be inspired and motivated to grow into inquisitive and curious young learners which will ultimately give them the grounding and expertise to continue their learning path with excitement and enjoyment.


I look forward to being part of your child’s learning journey.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!


Nelson Mandela


Grade 00 – 7 Application

Grade 00 – 7 Enrolment

School Calendar and Fees

School Terms

Out of the Box Academy follows a 4-term calendar. These term dates apply to the whole school and we are closed during the school holidays and public holidays.

Term dates for 2024 are as follows:


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Start 15/01 Start 02/04 Start 08/07 Start 07/10
Close 20/03 Close 14/06 Close 20/09 Close 06/12

School Fees

The following is to be paid upon application:

  • Non-refundable R400 registration fee.
  • Non-refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s school fees.

Grades Preschool – 7

Per month: over a 12-month period

Preschool– R4500.00

Grade R – R5900.00

Grade 1 – R6700.00

Grade 2 – R6700.00

Grade 3 – R6700.00

Grade 4 – R7400.00

Grade 5 – R7400.00

Grade 6 – R7400.00

Grade 7 – R7800.00

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